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Canine Social Club

So Much More Than A Daycare Service

Your furry friend is an energetic, social animal that requires both physical and mental stimulation. If you find yourself busy with work, running errands, or socializing, don’t leave your BFF in a crate or empty house. Bring your dog to the Canine Social Club for some truly off the leash fun!

Social Club Supervision and Play Areas

We separate dogs by size, temperament, and personality. Each play area has its own supervisor trained in canine behavior to help ensure there are no “turf wars”. Social Club dogs are carefully monitored at all times in order to maximize fun and minimize conflict. Small dogs, puppies and those with arthritic or orthopedic concerns enjoy their own space where an appropriate level of activity occurs. Our associates are trained in canine body language and act as pack leaders to maintain a safe and positive experience.



Finding a great socialization facility improves your dog’s health and emotional well-being. We know you have a choice when seeking care for your dog during the day. There are pet sitting services, kennels, doggie daycares, and boarding facilities in the Asheville area. We want your dog’s experience at the Social Club to be unsurpassed. We provide a comprehensive approach to your canine’s wellbeing through play, socialization, exercise, and training while in a safe, fun environment.

Climate-Controlled Club, Interior and Outdoor Space

Our eco-friendly rubber flooring, as well as our pet grass, is developed with anti-microbial agents, eliminates odors and bacteria to keep the inside and outside area clean while allowing dogs ample space to fully enjoy exercise.

Canine Social Club

Canine Social Club