Canine Social Club

The Canine Social Club of Asheville is an engaging enrichment facility, meeting the global needs of your four-legged friend. Located in downtown Asheville, NC, we provide your canine companion a safe and fun environment for play, exercise, and mental growth.

A Dog Social Club Like No Other...

The Canine Social Club of Asheville is proud to be an official recognized member of the national Dog L.E.G.S. Association. This designation represents the highest standard of excellence in the pet industry for companies who are going above and beyond in the interest of the comprehensive welfare of the dogs in their care. L.E.G.S. Association membership is only available for companies and organizations who have demonstrated a firm commitment to operational review, assessment, procedures, recording, training, skills, practices, and cooperation in order to recognize and respond to the dynamic needs of their canine clients. We have chosen to pursue and acquire this prestigious designation in order to ensure we are continually providing the highest standard of services for your dog, as we do our part to raise the bar in the industry.

What is Dog L.E.G.S.?

There's a whole dog there wagging that tail, and science tells us he's got four L.E.G.S. - Learning, Environment, Genetics, and Self.

  • There's his Learning- his experiences and education
  • There's his Environment- the many aspects of his external world
  • There's his Genetics- the DNA that designed him inside and out
  • There's his Self- his unique interior world: health, development, age, sex, and individuality
Canine Social Club

Canine Social Club