What is The Social Club?

The Canine Social Club of Asheville is just like a social club for you, but it’s for dogs! In the morning, you drop off your loved one and a group of compassionate, well-trained individuals stimulate your pup with positive reinforcing activities until you pick him or her back up! This safe, fun environment allows dogs to socialize and exercise all throughout the day. Our indoor play areas offer dogs a friendly place to play without the dangers of rain, snow, extreme temperatures, or escape. Exercise helps dogs burns off excess energy, enabling them to be calmer, better-behaved and ready to snooze through the night. See daily schedule

How does my dog become a member of the Social Club?

You must first complete a New Membership Application and then schedule a time to bring in your best friend for an interview and temperament test. Documentation of vaccinations and spay or neuter are required at this time. During your dog’s behavior assessment we will determine whether he/she is ready to participate in the Social Club .

May I tour The Social Club facility?

Of course! You are welcome to visit and tour the Social Club at any time, with or without notice!

How do you keep the place clean?

We consistently mop, sweep, sanitize, and vacuum! The sanitation of The Social Club is an ongoing process. We utilize a high-volume ventilation system to help prevent airborne disease. Only the highest quality pet safe and industry-specific disinfectants are used in our facility. Our rubber flooring inside as well as our petgrass outside is developed with anti-microbial agents that eliminate odors and bacteria.

Does my dog have to be spayed or neutered?

All dogs over 6 months old must be spayed or neutered. We require that all dogs be healthy and free of contagious illnesses as well.

What do I need to bring for our visits?

The only thing we ask you to bring is a collar and a snack to be given during down time if you desire.

Are the dogs supervised at all times?

ABSOLUTELY! Although we separate dogs by size, temperament, and personality, each play area has its own supervisor trained in canine behavior to help insure there are no “turf wars”. Social Club dogs are carefully monitored at all times in order to maximize fun and minimize conflict. Small dogs, puppies, and those with arthritic or orthopedic conditions have their own space where an appropriate level of activity occurs. Our associates are trained in canine body language and act as pack leaders to maintain a safe and positive experience.

Does everybody really get along? Do they ever fight?

Dogs are carefully and slowly introduced to their social group. Since dogs do bite and claw as they play, minor cuts and scratches may occur occasionally. While there is never a guarantee that a fight won’t break out, The Social Club takes every precaution to avoid them. All dogs are interviewed before becoming members and those exhibiting aggressive behaviors are not admitted. Your pet’s safety is our top priority, so dogs who aren’t playing nicely may be given a brief time-out in kennel. Just like people, dogs have good days and bad days so we do our best to work with mood swings. If bad behavior becomes the norm you may be asked not to come back, both for your dog’s safety and the safety of others.

What is a temperament test and why does my pet need one?

We perform a series of planned exercises designed to assess the new dog’s potential for aggressive behavior. Simultaneously we determine the dog’s current level of social development to ensure that he/she is not aggressive and can play well with others.

What’s included in The Social Club rate?

Your dog will be engaged in stimulating physical and mental activities throughout the day. These activities are designed to comprehensively meet the overall health and well being of your dog. All of The Social Club staff members have received cutting edge training in canine behavior from the experts at The Dog Door of Asheville. This allows your canine friend to benefit from the exposure to integrated scientifically proven practices.

My dog is not house trained. Will this be a problem in your indoor facility?

The vast majority of dogs we care for are house pets and very well house trained. We monitor everyone carefully to make sure they are going potty normally. We address any problems or inconsistencies as needed. Our artificial grass and fire hydrant helps the dogs feel at ease when eliminating.

Do you separate giant dogs from little dogs?

We select social groups depending on play style and activity level. This is determined during the interview and temperament screening. We are also mindful of your dog’s size and this helps inform our decision for his or her social group placement.

How will my dog act when he gets home from The Social Club?

Dogs generally will drink a lot, eat, and sleep through the evening! As a precaution, please wait at least one hour after returning home to feed your dog. This will prevent any complications associated with eating too soon after a day of active play.

Canine Social Club

Canine Social Club